Key Scientific Papers

Table of Contents

(1) Role of Oxidative Stress in the Pathogenesis of AMD

(2) Macular carotenoid supplementation in subjects with atypical spatial profiles of MP

(3) Studies on the singlet oxygen scavenging mechanism of human MP

(4) A review of the evidence germane to the putative protective role of the macular carotenoids for AMD

(5) What is meso-zeaxanthin and where does it come from

(6) Evidence Base that supplemental macular carotenoids are of benefit to patients with AMD (AREDS2 Research Group Jama)

(7) Supplementation with all 3 carotenoids in early AMD, SABOUR-PICKETT 2014

(8) MZ response to supplementation with different xanthophyll formulations in subjects with and without AMD

(9) MOST Akuffo et al 2015