MacuHealth Donates $15,000 to the Vision Source Foundation

MacuHealth, a leader in the field of innovative eye supplements is proud to announce a donation of $15,000 to the Vision Source Foundation.

The donation will support the Foundation’s efforts to provide access to comprehensive eye care to underserved communities, aid research and educational initiatives, and support optometrists and their family members impacted by catastrophic events.

“We are thrilled to support the Vision Source Foundation and its mission,” said Frederic Jouhet, CEO of MacuHealth. “As a company dedicated to providing science-based nutritional supplements for eye health, Vision Source doctors have helped us tremendously on our journey. Their passion and eagerness to help their patients is exceptional.”

MacuHealth’s donation is part of the company’s commitment to ongoing research efforts, promoting eye health and improving the quality of life for people worldwide.

About MacuHealth
MacuHealth is a leader in the eye supplement industry that is focused on innovation and providing premium products formulated with the purest, most stable ingredients proven to nourish and care for the whole eye at every stage of life. MacuHealth’s products must meet the highest standards in scientific research to ensure each supplement is safe and effective.