Enhance Your Health with LifeMeter

Introducing LifeMeter

Written by MacuHealth
Reviewed by Jim Stringham, Ph.D.

What would you change about your life if you learned how many vital antioxidants your body was actually getting? Would you try to increase them in your diet?

We’re proud to introduce LifeMeter, a portable, non-invasive device that determines the concentration of carotenoids in your skin. You can use the results to empower you and your healthcare provider to discuss treatments to improve your overall health and performance. These carotenoids include Alpha-carotene, Beta-carotene, Beta-cryptoxanthin, Lycopene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin.

The Science Behind LifeMeter

Studies show that specific carotenoids accumulate in the largest organ in the human body – the skin. The level of these nutrients in the skin reflects the intake of fruits and vegetables in the diet. This amount also indicates the concentration of carotenoids in other tissues in your body, such as the retina and brain.

LifeMeter utilizes reflection spectroscopy to measure the concentration of carotenoids in the patient’s fingertip. The LifeMeter level is significantly correlated with their macular pigment level, circulating carotenoids, and the concentration of these vital nutrients in other bodily tissues, such as the heart and brain.

Why Knowing Your LifeMeter Level Is Important

Those with a low carotenoid concentration have been shown to have trouble driving at night, poor contrast sensitivity, reduced protection against infection and disease, lower speed of visual and cognitive processing, increased chance of sunburn, brain fog and higher frequency of eye strain and fatigue.

Targeted nutritional supplementation can enhance your quality of life. It can also offer reduced inflammation and health benefits to the heart and brain, and significantly improve visual health and performance outcomes. And once you’ve initiated a nutrition regimen, improvement in your carotenoid status can be seen within a month.

Are You Ready?

Over 30 peer-reviewed publications support the science behind LifeMeter, with studies demonstrating its validity, consistency and effectiveness in over 2,000 subjects of varying races, ethnicities, and ages.

Are you ready to make a positive nutritional change? Then visit your local medical professional to know your LifeMeter level so you can take the necessary steps to enhance your life.