Sightrisk Patient Evaluation Questionnaire

SightRisk USA™, exclusively distributed by MacuHealth Distribution, Inc., was developed specifically for health care practitioners through the collaboration by a team of research scientists who assessed and evaluated both modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for thousands of patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and through a detailed review and analysis of over 300 published scientific manuscripts.

The proprietary algorithm behind the SightRisk USA™ questionnaire prioritizes, compiles and weighs the risk factors based on each patient’s answers, creating a unique report that the eye care professional and staff can review with their patients.

In this way, the risk for AMD in later life amongst young and middle aged healthy people can be identified and quantified. By so doing, and by implementing evidence-based and personalized recommendations, the risk for blindness later life can be reduced.

Modifiable lifestyle factors such as smoking and a poor nutritional diet have been scientifically and clinically shown to increase the risk of developing AMD. Educating patients and continued monitoring of patient choices as early in life as possible will help reduce these risks.

Combining SightRisk USA™ with MacuHealth with LMZ3 or MacuHealth PLUS+ will result in optimal patient care and education. Eye care practices that embrace these combined technologies will discover that many patients who do not have any pigmentary changes or soft drusen present will benefit from enriching their macular pigment, thereby reducing risk of blindness later in life while optimizing visual performance today. Ask your eye care provider to give you a SightRisk USA™ evaluation and discuss the benefits of supplementation with MacuHealth during your annual comprehensive eye exam.