Supplement for Eye Health

Nutritional supplementation of the macular pigment benefits both healthy eyes as well as diseased eyes.

  • Athletes and others with active lifestyles with crucial vision requirements
  • People environmentally exposed for extended periods to:
    • Sunlight / Outdoors
    • SmartPhones / Tablets/ Handheld Electronic Games
    • Televisions / Computer Screens
    • Compact Florescent Light Bulbs or CFL’s
  • Post cataract patients
  • People diagnosed with AMD
  • People predisposed to AMD
    • Smokers
    • Age (Americans have a 2% chance of having AMD during their 50’s, which increases to 25% for those older than 65.
    • Gender (women appear to be at a slightly higher risk)
    • Health (High BMI, High Cholesterol, Diabetes)
    • People having light skin color and blue eyes
    • Caucasians of European ancestry

Top Reasons to make MacuHealth your choice for a daily regiment of Ocular Supplementation

Optimize Visual Performance:

MP optimizes visual performance in eyes because of its absorption of blue light and consequential attenuation of chromatic aberration and the adverse impact of light scatter and glare. As a result, optimal visual performance in eyes is dependent upon optimal MP levels. Furthermore, MP may also protect against age-related macular degeneration (AMD) because of the same blue light-filtering properties and because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of lutein (L), zeaxanthin (Z) and meso-zeaxanthin (MZ).

Photo-oxidative damage of the photoreceptors is ongoing and relentless, and they are therefore necessarily and continuously renewed.

Protection from Harmful Blue Light-Threat to Healthy Vision:

Visible blue light has a negative effect on the quality of the optical image formed at the retina. Because shorter blue light wavelengths are scattered more than other wavelengths, thereby resulting in Glare, Chromatic Aberration, and Light Scatter. These conditions contribute to loss of visual acuity. Additionally, exposure to high energy blue light can create oxidative stress on the retina and consequential damage, which over time can lead to Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Natural Ingredients – Organically Sourced:

In humans, (L) and (Z) are entirely of dietary origin, and are found in eggs and many types of brightly colored fruits and vegetables typical of a western diet. The presence of (MZ) in foodstuffs is currently under investigation, but (MZ) is known to be produced in the macula following isomerization of retinal (L).

Of the 42 dietary carotenoids, 14 are absorbed and used by the human body, yet only (L), (Z) and (MZ) are found at the macula [3]. The preferential accumulation of (L), (Z) and (MZ) at the site of sharpest vision is thought to be the result of an uptake mechanism that has evolved in response to the functional needs of the tissue (macula).

A natural extract product rich in the carotenoids Lutein, Meso-Zeaxanthin and Zeaxanthin. These carotenoids are obtained from a natural source: Marigold flower petals through our patented processes. They are recommended as a food supplement to provide necessary carotenoids required for a well-balanced diet. Carotenoids are well-known for their chemical and biological properties, especially in disease prevention*

Proven Results – Enhanced Visual Performance:

There is firm evidence that MP is necessary for optimal visual function. Indeed, s

upplementation with MP’s constituent carotenoids can enhance visual performance in non-diseased and diseased eyes, with best results following supplementation with all three of MP’s constituent carotenoids (MZ, L and Z in a (mg) ratio of 10:10:2).