The Benefits of Supplementation: Maintaining a Healthy Level of Macular Pigment benefits of supplementation

  • Low amounts of macular pigment will result in greater photo-oxidative damage to the macula because of greater exposure of the photoreceptors and the underlying RPE to visible blue light (of note, visible blue light is the most injurious of the visible wavelengths) and because there will be an insufficient amount of readily available antioxidants to neutralize the damaging free radicals.
  • Studies have shown that deficiencies in MP and deficiencies in blood concentrations of its constituent compounds are associated with AMD (and, interestingly, even prior to disease onset).
  • A lack of MP and a lack of MP’s constituent carotenoids in the blood is associated with increased risk for AMD.
  • MP is not synthetized in the body, and is exclusively of dietary origin (sources include spinach, broccoli, corn, and eggs).
  • Peer-reviewed research has consistently and repeatedly demonstrated that supplementation with MZ, L and Z rebuilds MP and enhances vision (in diseased and in healthy eyes).