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Diagnosed with Macular Degeneration? These Visual Aids Can Help

Researching vision aids for macular degeneration? MacuHealth examines the benefits and uses of aids for low-vision macular degeneration.
5 minutes

At What Age Should I Take Eye Vitamins?

At what age should we start taking eye vitamins? We'll look at when is a good time to start taking supplements.
5 minutes

Macular Degeneration Progression Timeline & What to Expect

How quickly does macular degeneration progress? Read our blog to learn about the three stages of macular degeneration and what to expect for each.
5 minutes

Visual Acuity vs. Contrast Sensitivity

There's an eye test your doctor can use to determine visual function quality. We'll also see what the best eye supplements can do to help.
5 minutes

How Do You Increase Macular Pigment?

Is eating vegetables enough to increase macular pigment, a small but vital substance in the eye? We'll take a closer look.
5 minutes

What Does Blue Light Do to the Retina

What does blue light do to the retina? We'll look at how our phones, tablets, and computers can affect our optical system.
5 minutes

How to Implement New Products in Your Practice

We'll explore how you can best implement new products into your practice so you and your patients can reap the benefits.
5 minutes

Vision Edge PRO: Enhancement through Synergy

If you can react faster, you’ll perform better – and a quicker response time is one of the enhancements that comes with Vision Edge Pro. 
5 minutes

Macular Degeneration: Wet vs. Dry, Symptoms, and Treatment

Understanding macular degeneration is key to taking action to preserve your vision. Learn more about macular degeneration (wet vs. dry) here.
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